Power up your guest experience

Use Capra to tell a compelling story that makes it easy for people to decide to stay longer and make the most of their time with you.


Make it easy to stay longer

Capra is a great way to showcase all the things to do, nudging guests to stay another day to fit everything in.

Inspiration to action

Turn inspiration into action

Use social media marketing channels to show how you make it easy to turn inspiration into getting out there and discovering these places easily.

Capra Offer Marketing

Power up promotions

Use your Capra Collection and audience as another marketing channel. Nudge potential visitors sitting on the fence to go ahead and make that booking.

Capra kids exploring

Explore beyond the park

Provide park guests with easy to use maps to help them get out and explore beyond the park, enjoying the natural surrounding.

Capra community

Showcase local communities

Use Capra to showcase local communities to explore and regional events visitors may be interested in.

Capra stories

Pinpoint places to discover

Capra maps make it easy to create and share local points of interest that you want people to discover and rave about to their friends so they come and stay too.

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