A powerful addition to destination marketing toolkits

Capra helps you drive visitor growth and tackle sustainability challenges such as visitor impact.

Explore with Confidence

Help people explore safely

Give visitors the information and tools to head off and explore hidden gems you'd love them to uncover and share their stories about.

Capra social media linking

Connect social media to maps

Use our Smartlinks to take people directly from social media posts to specific map content. Turn inspiration into action.

Local Operator Spotlight

Spotlight local operators

Make it easy to find and contact local outdoor operators, specific to activity type.

Capra trail solutions

Encourage local dispersal

Help visitors avoid over-crowded spots by communicating with them and showcasing other options.

Capra print solutions

Link printed material to Capra

Power up your printed assets by using QR codes to launch off the page straight into specific Capra info.

See an example in action


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