Hilary McAllister RunHunters Ambassador
July 17, 2020
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Hilary McAllister - Victorian Explorer

Victorian Alps
The Grampians
Tarra-Bulga NP
Wilsons Promontory NP
Hilary McAllister
July 17, 2020
 min read
Grampians National Park

From RunHunters HQ ... we're stoked to introduce Hilary to the RunHunters out there. Born and bred in country Victoria she's superbly well placed to share her passion for exploring the less well known regions, and sharing those mini-adventures whether that's running or hiking. She takes a mean photo too as you can see! Now over to Hilary herself.

Hi there! I’m Hilary, the freshly minted Victorian RunHunters Ambassador. As a keen hiker turned trail runner I am stoked to be putting my adventures to good use and share the wild places I love to explore with you all. I hope to bring a wide range of trails to the table, as this year I’m exploring every corner of my home state through my mission to visit every Victorian National Park.

Tarra-Bulga National Park

The decision to visit all 45 National Parks in 2020 was a spur of the moment decision, like most good ideas are! The more time I spent outside of Melbourne and in nature, the more happy, grateful and healthy I felt. So I decided to set myself a goal that would hold me accountable and give me the opportunity to visit nearby places that are often overlooked.

Grampians National Park

With all of the curve balls 2020 has thrown us, there has been plenty of challenges along the way. But I’ve chosen to stay positive and am still committed to paying every park a visit. I chose to stick to Victoria initially as I was sure there were plenty of amazing, forgotten places out there that were easily accessible for a weekend getaway.

I wanted to show people that we don’t have to go interstate or overseas to experience lush, old growth rain forests, windswept sandstone sea cliffs or run along snow-capped mountain ridge-lines.

I’ve certainly stumbled across some absolute beauties and have loved the opportunity to add to the RunHunters catalogue so others can get out there and experience the majesty of these wild places themselves.

Tarra-Bulga National Park
Great Otway National Park

The effects of the Black Summer and now Covid-19 are far-reaching in the local tourism industry, so I am eager to get back out on the road and share these places with you all. Whether you are walking, running or a bit of both (like me!) you never regret a day spent outdoors.

Each month RunHunters will feature a new Victorian trail I’ve explored, and you can follow my travels at @hilarymcallister and on my website. If you have any requests or suggestions for Victorian runs, please hit me up or reach out to the RunHunters team.

Stay safe out there friends and remember to stay brave, kind and awkward.

To view the growing list of Hilary's trails in the RunHunters app (currently at 19) simply tap the View in App button at the top of this article. This will take you to Hilary's Collection.

All 📷 courtesy of Hilary McAllister

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