How to use RunHunters promo and activation codes
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November 19, 2020
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How to use Activation codes

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Henry Talbot
Capra Team
November 19, 2020
 min read

As we begin to experiment with promotional codes with groups aligned with RunHunters, we thought a few extra tips may help whilst we iron out all the creases in the process.

To use codes you need to subscribe via our website, not the mobile app subscription process.
  • On the website if you already have a RunHunters account login to your dashboard. If you haven't created an account yet you can Sign Up from the website homepage.
  • The Dashboard will open showing how long you have left on your 14 day trial. To use the Activation Code click the Join RunHunters button.
  • On the Membership page, select Monthly or Annual but note most Activation codes only apply to Annual membership. Enter your card details and the Activation Code. Your new membership price will be calculated and you'll be asked to confirm you want to Join RunHunters.
  • Once this has processed after a couple of seconds you'll return to the Dashboard screen with a message confirming when your next membership due date is.
  • We will send you a receipt via email and lavish many thanks on you for joining up to RunHunters 🙌 . If you have any problems tap the red chat box to chat with us.
Important: use the same login details for both the mobile app and the website.

If you're part of a trail focused crew who'd love to help your mates get out and explore with confidence, drop us a line on henry [at] to find out more about promo codes.

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