Runhunters is changing to Capra
January 1, 2021
 min read

Introducing Capra

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Henry Talbot
Capra Team
January 1, 2021
 min read

We've got some big news for RunHunters as we head into 2021, we're changing our name to Capra. What! Why?

Changing a name that people have been getting accustomed to is not a trivial decision, but as we listened to more and more people who used, and importantly, did not use RunHunters; it was becoming clear that the name RunHunters was a barrier to future success. Time and again we heard "yeah I've heard great things about the app but I'm not a runner so it's not for me". We knew we had to evolve.

Taking a step back to 2018, Matty and I set out to solve the problem of making it really easy to find and explore interesting trails that take you to places that make you go wow! We were fed up with vague websites, crappy maps, sharing gpx files and over-complicated apps. We've both been lucky enough to have been to places that everyone who has an energetic bone in their body should be able to enjoy, and ultimately it doesn't matter whether you run, walk, skip hand-in-hand or crawl backwards to get there.

So why Capra? Capra means goat in Italian & Latin. Some context will help explain our thinking. When all of us set out to explore, our trail confidence grows over time and with experience. We may start on local trails running or hiking and then our curiosity and ability urges us to push a little further, higher, deeper and away from the crowds. We become more adventurous and a bit more 'mountain goaty' in our mind as our sure footedness improves. We love the name and the new brand and we hope you do too.

Capra App Trail Running and Hiking Maps

What's going to change?

Functionally not much will change. The main tweaks are cosmetic; logo, colours, slight wording changes and route pins. In our product timeline, we aim to enable users to find hike or run specific routes as our early adopters being trail runners loved the run specific information.

What will not change is our focus on quality over quantity. We still re-draw every route that goes into the app and work hard to bring you mini adventures that make you go wow!

How you can help

We'd love you to install the latest version of the app from your app store and check out the polished design. We'd love you to tell your friends about Capra who may have been hesitant about checking out a 'running' app. Ultimately we'd love to help you find and explore some great trails that make you do wow! We're still super early in the chapters of the Capra story, so keep your feedback coming.

Thanks for reading and we wish everyone a healthy kick-off to 2021.

Henry, Matty and the Capra team.

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