RunHunters Trail Contributors
June 3, 2020
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Who is sharing the trails they love?

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Henry Talbot
Capra Team
June 3, 2020
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RunHunters is made possible by explorers sharing the trails they love, for others to enjoy, and for that we owe you all a massive thank you. We've got big ideas for recognising the contribution our Pro RunHunters make to helping us grow but they're still a little way off, so in the meantime each month we wanted to showcase six RunHunters contributors and a snippet of who they are.

Luke Lambley

Prolific explorer of Sydney's trails and beyond, for a young guy Luke's explored a huge amount of NSW's trails and has been a big part of helping Matty create a huge amount of potential adventures in RunHunters 🙏

Hilary McAllister

A fountain of knowledge of Victorian trails especially in the Grampians and the Victorian High Country, her current goal is to explore all 45 Victorian National Parks in 52 weeks ⛰️

Sam Burridge

One of Australia's best trail runners, previous winner of UTA50 and Canberra local. Try and run with him at your peril 🚀

Sia Kindberg

One of the most humble explorers you'll meet. Regularly leads her friends into the trails around Melbourne and beyond. 🌲

Jacqui Bell

When she's not running ultras on other continents (Jacqui's the youngest person to run an ultra on all 7 Continents) you'll find her exploring the trails of her native Queensland. 🗺️

Natalie Riordan

Natalie's work takes her all around the country, so she is always on the lookout for new trails. A recreational runner who loves getting out to explore new places. 🏃

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