Sydney Trail Runs Capra
August 21, 2020
 min read

Sydney Day Adventures

Matty Abel
Capra Team
August 21, 2020
 min read
Our six most popular day adventures all within two hours drive of Sydney's CBD. From mountain tops to coastal views these six options are all under 20km in length and suitable for all types of adventurers from runners to walkers.

1. Mount Banks - 12km Out & Back

2. Grand Canyon Loop - 6km Loop

3. Cape Solander Cliff Tops 10.5km Out & Back

4. Brooklyn to Cowan - 13.7km One Way

6. Bouddi Coastal Track - 16.6km Out and Back

5. Garie Beach to Figure 8 Pools - 9.5km Out & Back

To see full details and the route guides jump into Capra by clicking 'View in the App' above or click on individual routes above.

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