Website Maps

Scroll down for an example Capra website map.

Embed on your website

Capra website maps are iframe embeds for adding to event websites. They include the same information as the app maps and any changes are reflected instantly on the website. The maps include a GPX file download button, map printing options and satellite view overlays.

Links directly to the mobile app

Crucially the website visitor can scan the QR code to launch the map in the Capra app for a great mobile experience. If the user doesn't have the app yet they'll be taken through the app store install, registration then into the map detail in the app.

Automatically suggests a better user experience on mobile

Capra website maps are built so that if the user is looking at the map section on their mobile phone, they will automatically be recommended to open the map directly in the Capra app.

We built the website maps this way because standard maps built for websites are generally a painful user experience on a small screen.

Check out this live example

Capra maps are built so that when viewed on a mobile phone, the user is prompted to open directly into the app for a better user experience.