Delight your participants, event staff and the locals

Capra is much more than a line on a map. Dig into the info below and discover the many ways we can help.


Event Details ⛰️

How we help teams through the event lifecycle and give participants all the info to plan ahead easily.

Before race day 😰

Race/Course routes mapped

Back-up routes mapped

On-course training routes mapped

Staff positions mapped

Community partner spotlights

Stakeholder engagement

Event sponsors

Family activity suggestions

Pinpoint accomodation options

Event weekend 😵‍💫

Course changes ⚡️

Arrival + Expo info

'Mandatory gear' maps for remote events

Festival Comms

Protect sensitive local areas

Athlete & crew comms

Transport & logistics

After the event 🤔

Content analytics

Stakeholder reporting


Event Marketing 📣

How we help maximise awareness and leverage existing channels.

In the app

Audience location targeting

Promo messages

Outside the app

Smartlinks for social media posts

Posting in Capra's social media channels

QR codes for printed material & signage

Map embeds and QR codes for websites


Content Management 🤓

What info can be created, managed and updated?

Collections & Maps: Overview

Course maps & elevation profiles

Website maps → More Info

Course specific pins e.g. aid stations

Staff specific pins e.g. marshalls, media

Content privacy controls e.g. for staff only

Messaging - Push notifications (beta)


A Great App 🚀

How we give app users a ton of practical information is an easy to use way.

Really useful information

Curated route maps

'Know before you go' information

Local recommendations

Easy to share between users

Website links on pins to more info

Modern technology

Offline maps

Emergency Lat/Long

Great battery life

Mobile apps vs legacy tools


Community Groups 🤝

How we can help group leaders power up their membership offering.

Add value to event training programs

Add value to group memberships

Control who can view group content

Share hidden gems with new locals

Share the trail love with visitors