Sell more books, delight the reader

Capra helps you sell more books by providing a smart way to connect guide book content to rich interactive maps. Your readers will love how you provide the link from inspiration to action.

Capra differentiates publishers

Stand out from other publishers

Make it an easy choice for guide book buyers by providing a massive value-add to their guide book experience.

Capra guidebook maps

Create topic specific collections

Rather than one large collection, create collections that replicate specific book sections so the reader can jump straight into that specific detail.

Explore with confidence

Help readers explore safely

If your guide books include hitting the trails, you can trust Capra's mapping to guide them safely even when travelling without connectivity.

Capra Re-engage readers

Re-engage past readers

Use Capra as a mobile communication channel to get back in touch with past guide book readers.

Capra helps you get noticed

Power up promotions using Smartlinks

Use Capra Smartlinks on publisher websites and social media channels to tease the digital component of new books.

Capra content control

Control content access

Your book is valuable and you want readers to protect the information from being shared. Capra has the content privacy controls to make this possible.

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