Wineglass Bay Loop on Capra
June 8, 2021
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4 Tasmanian beauties to add to your plans

Matty Abel
Capra Team
June 8, 2021
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Tasmania is home to many of Australia's greatest trails, from iconic multi-days like The Overland Track to short adventures just out of Hobart beneath Mt Wellington. If you're planning to head to Tassie and want a little inspiration of where to go here are four of the best.

Wineglass Bay Loop (main photo)

Distance 11.4KM, Difficulty: Blue

A loop of Wineglass Bay is a must for everyone visiting Tasmania. Pending what way you go around (suggested clockwise) you will start with a solid climb up to the wineglass bay lookout which will give you Instagram worthy photos. From there you will drop down to the beach with the rest of your loop is reasonably flat.

Recommended going early as the car park and trails can get quite busy. Especially in peak holiday season.

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Views of Lake St Clair at the end of the Echo Point to Cynthia Bay trail.

Echo Point

Distance 10.6km, Difficulty: Blue

​Three-quarters of the way up Lake St Clair, in a dense and mossy forest, is the tiny Echo Point hut. The ferry can take you there or back but most people catch the ferry out and walk/run back. Booking are essential for the ferry from Lake St Clair Lodge.

The trail from Echo Point is gently undulating shaded single track which is very runnable in most parts. There are certainly technical spots of rocks, roots and fallen trees to navigate. The trail follows the lake shore and there are several opportunities to duck down onto the small shore beaches.

* Do not expect any mobile phone data coverage. Distances are not marked on the track so the Capra app is great to gauge how far you have to go.
* For ferry information and bookings please phone (03) 6289 1137. ​
* There is a bush toilet located at Echo Point. All other facilities are at Cynthia Bay.

* Take a snake bite bandage in snake season.

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Organ Pipes Loop
Views of Hobart from the Organ Pipes Loop

Organ Pipes

Distance: 7.3km, Difficulty: Red

This adventure gets you very close to one of Hobart’s most famous landmarks. The track leaves from The Springs on kunanyi ​/ Mount Wellington and climbs towards, then beneath the extraordinary Organ Pipes. You’ll stretch your legs on this route and also your neck as you stare up at the formidable “pipes”. These columns of dolerite, up to 120m high, were formed as subsurface molten rock cooled and contracted into regular hexagonal pillars. The track ends at The Chalet, a rustic stone shelter. Return the same way!

The Organ Pipes are one of the most distinctive features on Moun​t Wellington and form a magnificent sight along this track which runs just below their base. The dolerite rock that comprises the towering, columnar cliffs was formed during the Jurassic period when Tasmania was in the process of separating from Antarctica during the final stages of the breakup of Gondwana. The cliffs are a favourite haunt of rock climbers.
This track is managed by the Wellington Park Management Trust.

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Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain Tasmania
Dove Lake views to Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake

Distance: 5.7km, Difficulty: Blue

This track is surely one of the premier runs in Tasmania. Starting from Dove Lake, a glacially carved lake directly beneath Cradle Mountain, the run offers both intimate and epic views of the famous mountain.

The track undulates around Dove Lake, traverses beneath the mountain, then returns through magnificent rainforest to the starting point. The run takes you through some of Tasmania's special vegetation, from button grass ​to myrtle, sassafras, Fagus and King Billy pine.

It is strongly advised that all visitors park at the visitor centre, validate their parks pass and take the shuttle bus service into the park.

Vehicle access into the park is only permitted outside of shuttle bus operating hours.

Limited parking is available at Waldheim & Ronny Creek.

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