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April 1, 2020
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Explore Mount Buller

Victorian Alps
Matty Abel
Capra Team
April 1, 2020
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A three-hour drive from Melbourne, or an eight-hour drive from Sydney, Mt Buller sits at the top of any trail runners bucket list. With plenty of smooth single track complemented by rugged fire roads, steep ridge-lines and everything in between just in reaching distance of the town centre, Mt Buller allows runners to truly reach their peak whether training for an event or just simply wanting an adventurous time away.

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Day 1

Whether you are arriving in the earlier part of the day or later in the evening, your getaway will begin by stretching your legs on the Family Trail 📱, an easy-going 3k loop around the town centre - a great route to get your bearings and get your trip off to a great start, not to also say the amazing views this route has to offer as well.

Day 2

After a night's sleep at one of our top picked places to stay in Mt Buller, day two will see you ascend to Mt Buller on the Mount Buller Summit Walk 📱to collect some panoramic views of the surrounding Alps. Join this route together with the Little Mt Buller Track📱which will take you along some sweet but steep single trail to get some more awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains. Finish your day off by visiting one of the listed/pinned restaurants that we have recommended. How about trying Pats Italian Restaurant & Bar, for a good Italian feed and refreshing drink - fuel for tomorrow's adventure.

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Day 3

Several options depending on how tough of a challenge you are up for and whether you are wanting to access a route close to town or travel further afield;

  1. Closer to town - Mount Buller Skyrun 📱(36k, 1600m elevation change, loop). Starting in town, you’ll traverse across 36k’s of spectacular mountain trails, including summiting Mount Stirling. Or the Klingsporn Bridle Track📱 or Delatite River Trail 📱; both of shorter distance and taking on different but still beautiful routes and finishing up at Mirimbah.
  2. Or head to the Telephone Box Junction (TBJ) where several routes can be accessed including Craigs Hut from TBJ,  Woollybutt Loop 📱 (5.7km, 258m elevation change) or Mt Stirling Summit Loop 📱 (13km, 500m elevation change) all taking you to historical places and numerous high points for panoramic vistas.

Choose your distance, pick your adventure and go have fun.

Finish your day off by visiting the Breathtaker Hotel & Spa to relax and unwind from your adventures by choosing one of their many spa and massage treatment services. Then fuel up by heading to Mt Buller’s number one rated restaurant by Trip Advisor, Chamois Bar & Restaurant, and indulge in their exciting menu of handcrafted modern Australian cuisine.

Mount Buller Victoria Trail Running Maps RunHunters

Eat / Drink / Stay / Play

  1. Coffee Merchant - Mansfield
  2. Chamois Bar & Restaurant
  3. Breathtaker Hotel & Spa
  4. Pats Italian Restaurant & Bar

Photos by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash

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