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April 2, 2020
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The Snowy Mountains

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Matty Abel
Capra Team
April 2, 2020
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The Snowy Mountains region is generally a winter destination but fast becoming popular in the summer months for runners, hikers and mountain bike riders.  
Approximately 6 hours drive south from Sydney, Capra has created a 3-4 day experience for you to enjoy.

Capra Collection Snowy Mountains NSW

Day 1

For those traveling from Sydney, day one will include a drive to Jindabyne where we recommend you base yourself. Once you have arrived and settled into your accommodation we have recommended two options. Option one Jindabyne Trail Run📱 is a 15.2km out and back mainly on mountain bike trails and is one of our favourites. Option two Jindabyne Lake Run 📱is an easier shorter 'out & back' mainly on paths but includes stunning views of Jindabyne Lake. Finish your day with a Kosciuszko pale ale at the Banjo Patterson Inn.

Trail Running Snowy Mountains RunHunters

Day 2

Day two takes you up to Charlottes Pass around 45-minute drive from Jindabyne with three options.

  1. Blue Lake 📱(10km)
  2. Blue Lake & Mt Kosciuszko Loop📱(24km)
  3. Mt Kosciuszko Summit Track📱(18.5km)

Our pick of the three is definitely Blue Lake and Mt Kosciuszko Loop which includes the stunning Blue Lake followed by a traverse over to Mt Kosciuszko followed by a descent back to your car. It doesn't get much better than this.

Day 3

Day three is a shorter drive up to Thredbo which is a thriving alpine town in the Summer and includes three options pending on how your legs are feeling from the day before.

  1. Loop of Thredbo (13.5km)
  2. Cascade Trail (11.3km)
  3. Little Thredbo Loops (10.8km)

If your legs are feeling up to it, Loop of Thredbo is definitely the go, taking you past the Thredbo Golf Course and up Dead Horse Gap Trail to summit Thredbo before a steep descent back to your car. If your legs are sore and tired Cascade Trail and Little Thredbo Loops are a little easier but just as fun.

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