Capra is a new way of tackling maps; you've probably got some questions.


Creating & Maintaining Collections

Who creates the Collection in the app?

The Capra team will work with you to establish what needs to be in the Collection. This is typically a mix of points of interest and routes maps with specific information. Capra will then set-up the Collection in the app for review by the customer.

In future versions on Capra customers will be able to create and maintain their own Collections.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary based upon anticipated audience size and complexity of information needed in the collection. Get in touch via the chat bubble or email us on hello [at] to find out more.

Can Collections be updated?

Absolutely. Collections should be updated as often as necessary. Changes are immediately live in the app and will be visible to the app user the next time they open the app. 

We are working with technical teams from Parks organisations to establish automatic feeds of specific alerts so get in touch for more info about that.

What type of info can go into a Collection?

Theoretically any type of information or points of interest can be pinpointed on the map but be sure not to overload the Collection with information that is not specific to your goals. 

Can we brand the app information?

Yes specific labelling and imagery can be used to indicate who the Collection is by. We are working on ways to further align brand colour schemes within Collections so stay tuned for that. 

Capra collection branding



How is route information created and loaded?

Routes are created using GPX files. Raw GPX files that are created from apps and fitness tracking devices are typically very rough as the satellite signal bounces around creating a messy route map. We re-draw every route map to "tidy up" the route which provides a better user experience.

If you're not sure how to get hold of route information and gpx files we'll help you with that. 

Can route maps be updated?

Yes. Simply provide an updated route GPX and this will be loaded and immediately visible to users. If you have dropped information pins on the previous version these can be changed or left in place if correct on the new route map.

How do you make changes to a Collection?

Simply contact the Capra team with the required change and we'll do this for you. In future versions you will log in to the platform and make changes yourself.

Does Capra provide analytics?

Yes we provide you with a real time analytics dashboard so you can track activity, plan ahead and measure return on investment.

The dashboard will show you a variety of information about what users are doing with your Collection content.



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Using Collections with your audience

How does a person find a Capra Collection?

There are several ways a user gets their hands on the Collection.

1. Your website. Embed your Collection onto your website to introduce your Capra information. Users can scan the QR code to launch and save the Collection in the app.

2. Search the Collection name in the app search function. Collections are default set to be publicly available but can be switched to Private if required. If the Collection is Public simply tell your audience to install Capra and find your Collection.

3. Smartlinks. Each Collection (and each trail in the Collection) has a unique URL that will load the info in Capra. We'll provide you with those URLs. These Smartlinks are very powerful when used in social media posts to link directly from a story into specific Collection content.

4. QR codes. Like Smartlinks these dive directly into Collection or specific trail info for the user. These are very powerful when used on existing assets such as signage, website pages, printed material and stickers.


Can we control who sees our Collections?

Yes. Collections have a couple of settings that control visibility and access. You can switch off 'Share' functions using our Privacy settings, and Collections and Trails can be set to 'Hidden' to not appear in Search results in the app.

Privacy settings are especially useful when information is on private land and should not be shared more broadly.

Collections can also be set to 'disappear' from a users Capra app after a set number of days. 

We need maps on our website can you help?

Yes. You can embed Capra Collections on your website. Website maps will be optimised for desktop/laptop screen sizes and will direct users to the mobile collection if a phone size screen is detected. The reason for this is website maps are horrible to use on phone screens.

Can Capra maps be used in our own app we already have?

No not yet. We do have API development on the product roadmap but it won't be for a while yet. Get in touch for more info.

How do we get our QR codes and Smartlinks?

Smartlinks can be copied from the Share function in the app and we will provide QR codes.

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