Creating great visitor maps made easy

Capra is a fast, massively cost-effective way to provide a map-enabled visitor experience that you control.

Whether you simply want to start by improving your website map functionality or create a mobile focused communication plan, Capra solutions can help.

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Capra launch channels

Easy to launch

Mobile focused projects are technically hard and resource intensive. Capra removes the time and resource headaches to enable rapid forward progress.

Capra content control

Content you control

Capra Collections are your bespoke information that can be updated at any time. You decide who has access to this information and how and where it is shared via our privacy controls. 

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A mobile comms channel

Capra enables location and content triggered messaging so teams can inform visitors in real-time of information they need to know when in destination.

It's easy to get started

We do the heavy lifting for you

We'll build your Collections

The reality is most of the base level information to create a collection or specific trail already exists in non-mobile friendly formats such as PDFs, Google Maps or web pages of text and pictures. We'll create the Capra version for you.



Integrate with existing channels

Power up your existing marketing and communication channels using Capra links, QR codes and embeds. We'll give you a toolkit to guide you making the most of your Capra offering via social media, video & email marketing, website pages, printed material and outdoor signage.

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Add updates easily

Parks, trails and recreation areas are dynamic spaces. With Capra it is easy to change and update information so your audience has the latest details. For large organisations with large volumes of updates talk to us about our API roadmap.

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Real-time analytics

Measure your return on investment and understand how people are using your information before they arrive and when they are in destination. Capra analytics also help understand ROI on physical infrastructure investment. Ask us how.

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Why use the Capra app?

We make it easy to overcome the 'ugly truths'

Industry research shows 90% of mobile time is spent on mobile apps. That's because they are fast, convenient and address a specific need in the moment. But there is a brutal reality...

👉 Even if you could build a great app, people are unlikely to use it for visiting one place. 

👉 People already use apps that aren't easily controlled or influenced by your objectives.

👉 Your website is great for planning ahead but weak at in-destination influence and communication.

👉 Your website looks great even on mobile but the maps are a real challenge.