"Great info, but how do I go and do this?"

Most teams don't have the resources or expertise to create great maps that can answer this question for their audience. We solve that problem.

Turning inspiration into action

Have you ever read an article, watched a video or seen an amazing photo and wished the author made it simple to get there?

Our goal is to help destination storytellers create maps that complement their stories. No matter who the audience is, it's time to move beyond broken Google Map embeds, PDF print outs and maps that don't work on mobile. We want people to expect to scan a Capra code or click one of our links to load a Capra map no matter where they're visiting and what they're reading.

Capra Solutions

The key for creators: audience focused collections

We believe the days of making a map user wade through layers of information in an app are numbered. 

Capra collections are a way to address specific audience needs in a way that is fast and easy for the user to understand.

Capra audiences

The key for users: make it easy for them to turn that story into action

As travellers we get our trip specific information from multiple sources. At Capra we help those destination content creators turn their stories and recommendations into action by their audience.

Capra app in action