Power up your stories, make more money

87% of leisure travellers decide what to do when they have arrived in their destination. Capra makes it easy for travellers to take your recommendations with them on their journey.

Capra Blogger Solutions

Power up your blog posts

Compliment your articles, images and video with a Capra map that makes it easy for the reader to take that information with them.

Capra Affiliate Link Pins

Increase affiliate revenue

Link your Capra map pins to your affiliate partner URLs so in-destination booking activity is attributed to you.

Capra audiences

Create audience specific collections

If you're passionate about telling audience specific travel stories, use Capra to show exactly where they can go and the best way to get there.

Capra maps

Pinpoint your discoveries

Pinpoint on the map exactly where you discovered amazing spots that you recommend other people head to.

Capra destination collaboration

Power up DMO collaborations

Capra collections can be a powerful addition to your toolkit for working with destination management teams. Capra maps work alongside your words, pictures and video to help turn your inspirational content into visitor numbers.

Capra social media

Power up your social posts

Use Capra Smartlinks your social media posts to make it easy for your audience to take your recommendations with them.

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