Modernise your park maps

Modern maps make it easier for park visitors to discover everything they need to know for a great day out.

Link to Stories

Link to local stories

Link to other web based content such as historical information from pins on the map.

Capra pins

Pinpoint helpful information

Make it easy for people to find the specific information they need to know when they're in the park.

Capra Park maps

Link park maps to Capra

Capra maps are a great digital companion to existing printed material. Simply add the QR code to the map to launch the park map directly in Capra.

Suggested park routes

Map out suggested routes

Make it easy for visitors to understand suggested routes for walking, running or biking in the park. Pinpoint helpful info along the way.

Capra works messaging

Reinforce works information

Trigger specific messages on relevant trail or Collection content to further inform park visitors what they should expect before they arrive.

Capra Large Urban Parks

Help tourists navigate large parks

Large urban parks can be full of twisting, criss-crossing pathways. Capra makes it easy to help people explore and meet up even if the user has mobile data switched off.

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