Powerful maps for Destinations

Powerful maps for Tourist Destinations Hotels and Resorts

Launching January 2022, the new version of Capra is for teams looking to give their visitors a great experience.

Capra App homepage happy trail runners and hikers exploring.
Capra helping visitors. Photo by @brennan_marttinez on Unsplash

Launch in hours not months

Capra removes the need to spend months and massive budget to launch a world class visitor app.

Whether visitors need inspiration or assistance, Capra maps are a powerful addition to marketing strategies, websites and on-the-ground signage.

"Capra is a massively helpful addition to our marketing and management tools. It allows us to plan more dynamically and respond faster. We love it and so do visitors to our beautiful part of the world."

Mike Smith - Economic Development Lead

"This is a great app that I use both personally but also in my job helping event participants"

Sally Jones

"Awesome concept, great to see running specific info of this kind."

Marc McCann

"Thanks Capra, had an awesome afternoon exploring these trails just outside Wellington."

Lauren Ware

"I love the app and its concept, and have used it to navigate 2 runs and find other potential runs. I really appreciate the info on water, toilets and parking etc. When you don’t know an area well you can be so close to something you need and not realise it!"

Kelly Hanvey

What a great way to see Athens. Thank you Capra.

Katie Hay

Enhance the visitor experience

Make it easy to stay longer

Whether it's local breweries, bike trails, hidden gems or epic viewpoints for a sunrise coffee, make it easy for visitors to discover the things they love so they never want to leave.

Spread the load

Encourage visitors to discover places off the beaten path they may not have considered, and highlight specific experiences at strategic times of the year.

'Nudge' messaging

Message visitors as they arrive and move through your location helping them to avoid over-crowded places on high-traffic days or ask them to avoid spots you want to protect.

Happy Capra users. Photo from Unsplash contributor iamchang.

Why your visitors will love Capra

Capra App Benefits for Destinations

Easy to use

Capra delivers a great app experience people have come to expect from world class hiking and biking apps. A simple link or QR code delivers all the info visitors need.

One app, unlimited destinations

People don't want to have to learn new stuff. Capra removes the need for visitors to have to download and learn new apps from different destinations.

Explore with confidence

Capra has been built to deliver pinpoint location accuracy even in areas with zero mobile connectivity giving your visitors peace of mind to head out and explore those hidden gems.

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Why your team will love Capra

Launch fast with Capra. Photo from @billjelen on UnSplash.

No app maintenance

Building and maintaining native mobile apps is expensive and complicated. Capra removes that headache.

Update instantly & share easily

Avoid time delays and costs for redesigning and distributing pdf maps or your website. Any changes are immediately live in the app. Use Capra smartlinks anywhere on the web, social channels or launch your maps from strategically placed QR codes.

Real time data

Make informed decisions and report easily to partners and stakeholders using granular real time analytics.

Collections to inspire and motivate you

Bundles of inspiration

Collections are hand-picked selections of trails.

Destination exploration

Whether it’s magnificent sunrises, coastal tracks or city explorations, Collections help you uncover places you would never have known existed.

Contributor collections

Capra contributors can put together collections based on passion projects whether that's national park exploration, destination expertise or pulling together the combined knowledge of their trail community.

Our mission is to help give your visitors an amazing experience whilst supporting your strategic goals.

Use Capra where ever you see the goat!


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