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Excellent maps, mini adventures and a better way for trail communities to share knowledge.

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Crappy maps are holding you back.

Maps that you use to explore streets are not built for exploring trails.

Beautiful photo blogs inspire you, but don't help you actually get there safely.

And hotel maps may look pretty on paper but can be vague and limited.

"Do yourself a favour and download the Capra app. It will help you find roads and trails to explore while you are on the road travelling. It’s the most brilliant app for an active person who travels a fair share."

Mia Farrow

"Great app, it was very useful to find running routes when I was in Singapore for work"

Anna-Lena Werner

"Awesome concept, great to see running specific info of this kind."

Marc McCann

"Thanks Capra, had an awesome afternoon exploring these trails just outside Wellington."

Lauren Ware

"I love the app and its concept, and have used it to navigate 2 runs and find other potential runs. I really appreciate the info on water, toilets and parking etc. When you don’t know an area well you can be so close to something you need and not realise it!"

Kelly Hanvey

What a great way to see Athens. Thank you Capra.

Katie Hay

1000 mini adventures in your pocket

Get away from the crowds

Spread the load and get away from over crowded hot spots. There are so many amazing places we can help you explore beyond the usual must-do's.

Hundreds of wow moments

Capra showcases more than 1000 mini adventures and is growing all the time thanks to our contributors.

You know it'll be good for you

Spending time in nature and the outdoors is nourishing for our mental and physical health. Why not spend that time finding new places that could be just around the corner.

Free 'Collections' for trail partners

Trail maintenance in action.

Helping groups explore

Our VIP Collections are built for trail running and hiking groups to help their members explore the local area with confidence.

Helping hotel guests explore

Collections of trails that can be set to 'private' for hotel and host guests to explore the property safely and have a great time.

The start of the journey

We're only just starting out on this journey of working out the best way to support local trail groups and businesses, but everything big started small so come with us as we do this.

Do you belong to a community you want to help explore?

We'd love to chat and take you through how we can help you with this.

Get in touch

The nuts and bolts...

The best trail running and hiking app. An example of excellent maps on the Capra app.

Superb location accuracy

Whether you're following one of our hyper accurate routes or not, you'll be able to pinpoint where you are on the map and make the smart choice.

Helpful map info

Where do I park? Are there water stops or toilets on the route? How long and how difficult is this? Is this best done as a run or a walk? What safety factors do I need to be aware of? Where do I get a coffee or beer afterwards?

Emergency details

If you run into serious trouble we've got you covered with lat/long details to share with emergency services.

Collections to inspire and motivate you

Bundles of inspiration

Collections are hand-picked selections of trails.

Destination exploration

Whether it’s magnificent sunrises, coastal tracks or city explorations, Collections help you uncover places you would never have known existed.

Contributor collections

Capra contributors can put together collections based on passion projects whether that's national park exploration, destination expertise or pulling together the combined knowledge of their trail community.

Our mission is to help you discover wow! moments you'll remember forever.

Download the app and get exploring today


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