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Capra is a powerful platform for creating excellent guides that are instantly accessible in the Capra mobile app.

☑️ A free, easy to use app for your customers, that can be updated instantly

☑️ A great way to link existing digital and physical assets to brand aligned mobile optimised guides

☑️ An easy way to send push-notification updates and display crucial information

Are you still using PDF guides? 🤔

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Until now, the tools for creating custom guides optimised for mobile phones have been poor, especially for teams catering to adventure seekers heading off the beaten track.

Guide creators have had to rely on sub-optimal tools like pdf ebooks or Google Maps. Or if looking for an app based solution, inexperienced tech teams create mobile apps that fail to keep up with iOS or Android thresholds. The result is customers are provided with information in formats that are less than optimal.

Capra solves this problem by providing a dedicated platform to help craft detailed guides as a diverse as imagination allows.

Key ways Capra can help your customers


Spotlight key info

Capra is not meant to replace all existing info; our mini-guides are focused on helping you communicate the most important info when the person is in-destination and needs answers quickly


Dynamic not static

Information can change rapidly and multiple times, and your customers need to be able to get their hands on updates easily. With Capra this is easy, with static formats such as pdf's this is hard.


Stop people getting lost

Built from day one to help people explore safely, Capra maps display rich terrain detail and work superbly in areas of poor cell coverage.

Trusted since 2019


Happy app users

3 million +

Useful app interactions

2000 +

Custom maps

Key features

For app users

  • An app that is fast, looks professional and is easy to use
  • Intuitive information layout
  • Richly detailed maps
  • POI pins that link to more info and can be bookmarked
  • Offline map capabilities
  • Great battery life
  • Emergency lat/long details
  • GPX download from app and website maps

For guide creators

  • Easy to use content management interface to create and update all information that syncs instantly to the app and website maps
  • Colour controls to match company branding
  • Content privacy controls
  • Mobile maps and embeds for website maps (3D, satellite views)
  • Push notifications and in-app message overlays (beta)
  • Multi channel marketing assets: QR codes and Smartlinks
  • Partner Tiles and Links for connecting additional info sources
  • Team collaboration tools

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