The map and comms platform for trail events

Event participants love Capra because it gives them specific information they need in a user friendly mobile app.

Event directors love Capra because it's easy to create, update and share information that can change rapidly.

Trusted by the directors of events like this

For race directors

The easy way to communicate clear instructions

Information can change rapidly and people need to know about it quickly. Teams use Capra to handle the expectations of athletes, spectators, staff and local community stakeholders.

We make it easy to stay in control

The Capra dashboard is your control centre for map updates, marketing assets and privacy controls for event guides and individual route maps.

Don't force participants to use apps where they have to pay to use advanced functionality. Capra is free, fast and intuitive. 🚀

Capra is free for app users and simple to use. No more navigating subscription paywalls on activity tracking apps. Once installed it can be used easily for any customer collection on the app. Check out this quick video overview of moving from the Library to a Collection to an individual map, bookmarking info as we go.

"I've just downloaded the Capra app. Seriously the best mapping I have seen - easy to see which station is spectators and drop bags, all the trails are named and zoomable. Had never heard of it until just now and it seems to be able to answer just about every trail question that has been in here"

– Stefan M, Facebook Group comment Feb 2023