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You've likely got all the information you need already in old school formats. That makes it easy to get started quickly.

Capra today vs. future - who creates the content?

In future the Capra platform will be available for users to login and create and manage their own content. Whilst we build this out, the Capra team will create and update the content for you. If you're messaging participants via our tools we'll also be managing this for you. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on when we plan to release the self-serve version.

Collections & Trails: An overview

Collections are bundles of information that includes multiple trail maps. Think of them as albums of trails. Collections can have map pins that apply to the whole collection not just a single trail e.g. Expo, Bus Stops and Accomodation. App users can tap on that info without needing to open specific trail maps.

Trails in Capra dig into deep trail detail and include the classic line on the map but also have their own pin information which can be bookmarked.

Both Collections and Trails have unique links for sharing.

How we get started

Most information required to get started already exists across multiple sources such as gpx files, websites, pdfs, google maps and other non specialist apps.

Trail maps

All Capra route maps are 're-drawn' when loaded into the system to deliver excellent route accuracy. Trail details include distance, difficulty, sport type, elevation change, customisable surface types and descriptions.

Trail info also includes helpful icons that provide guidance on what to expect out there e.g. no shade, no toilets, technical sections, water crossings and many more. Trail routes are cached automatically for app users so they are accessible offline when out on course.

Information pins on the maps

Pins are added at the collection level, the trail level or both. An example of 'both' would be a spectator point that applies to all events therefore the overarching collection as well.

Pins can be opened for more detail. They can have small pictures, additional text information and three potential buttons. Bookmark for fast access, Get Directions which opens standard map apps such as Google Maps for driving directions and More Info which opens external website info sources.

Control who can see your info

You may not want your information to be accessible before a certain date. You may only want a certain audience to be able to use your Capra collections and trails.

Capra has granular privacy controls where information can be hidden from the library and search results, or made accessible only via people who have specific links and QR codes.

This gives content creators excellent control over who can see your information.

Website maps

Website maps are still an important part of pre-event planning by participants and support crews. Here are two great reasons why Capra website embeds are better that your usual website maps.

Capra website maps feature our QR code that launches the specific map directly in the Capra app. When Capra website maps are viewed on desktop sized screens, the user will be directed to open the map directly in the app.

Learn more about Capra website maps →


There are two main types of message Capra can send to your audience. Push notifications and in-app overlay messages. We identify app users who have engaged thoroughly with your Capra content to make sure the message is relevant.

Both message types can link to in-app content or to external information sources such as websites.

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