The next generation of trail event maps

Traditional trail events mapping has focused on desktop focused maps, which work badly on mobile devices. Capra makes it easy to provide all the info needed for competitors, support crew and event organisers.

Trail Race Maps

Detailed race day maps

Fast mobile maps of race day courses so competitors can see exact details they need to know such as distance markers and checkpoints or aid stations.

Social Media and Capra

Power up your race socials

Use Capra Smartlinks to drive social media posts straight into your race maps on the Capra app. No more clunky desktop maps trying to be used on mobile.

Stakeholder comms via Capra

Race day specifics

Make it clear what participants and support crew should not do on event weekends.

Train on course safely with Capra

Train safely on course

Help locals train safely with pre-race route maps. Highlight any private land restrictions that differ to race day routes.

Capra website maps

App linked website maps

Capra map embeds take the next step from usual route maps displayed on websites. You can show the whole collection and each map links directly to content in the app via the displayed QR code

capra analytics

Analytics for stakeholders

Use Capra basic analytics to report on content performance. Power up your analytics to track in-destination usage for reporting to local stakeholders and community.

Capra Stakeholder comms

Community sensitivity

Reinforce specific comms you want participants to be aware of such as not training on private land prior to race day.

Support sponsors with Capra

Showcase community sponsors

Pinpoint race sponsors in the local community so participants can easily find them and enjoy their hospitality.

Capra map specifics

Make it easy for event support crews

Pinpoint where race marshalls, aid stations and spectator spots need to be. Take confidence in Capra's offline capabilities to help people easily find these places.

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