Create guides you can sell

We help adventure focused YouTube creators create custom maps for their viewers. Use our platform to create high quality, bespoke maps based on your video guides and adventure tips.

More than a line on a map

Turn your specific knowledge into guides

You have knowledge and expertise that your audiences love. Capra is a new way to give your followers a user-friendly way to help them easily discover the exact spots you're recommending to them.

"But maps are easy to find!"

Route maps and gpx files for well known routes are easy to find. The key difference with Capra is you can craft guides rich with your specific information that makes your Capra guide more valuable and useful.

Link to your maps straight from YouTube

Simply copy/paste our Smartlinks to the video description to instantly launch the map in-app or on desktop web maps.

Try this Smartlink example => Centennial Glen Circuit

Or add a Capra QR code overlay to the end of your video to send your audience straight to your guides

Why Capra maps?

Help people explore safely

Capra uses the same world-class technologies you expect in hiking, biking and runnings apps BUT our platform is purpose built to allow creators to add much more helpful information.

Maps that work excellently offline for more remote adventures, including emergency lat/long coordinates.

Rich terrain detail to know exact location.

Pinpoint instructions you want people to know.

Capra maps for Instagram creators and explorers

Sell your guides

Generate incremental revenue

Capra privacy settings mean you can control who gets to see your information. Put your Capra links and QR codes behind paywalls to make money from your expertise.

Or bundle your Capra guides into your existing guides, ebooks and membership platforms to deliver a compelling reason for people to sign up.

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