The Capra app experience - fast, intuitive and really useful.

Love them or hate them our lives are dominated by mobile phones. Mobile users spend 88% of time on mobile apps and just 12% of the time on mobile websites. Great apps focus on doing a specific job incredibly well, and our focus at Capra is providing great information for outdoor endurance events.

Capra is "really useful" maps

Stating the obvious? Not really. Historically event websites have maps that are "pretty" but aren't actually very useful. Capra maps are a great addition to these maps because whilst they may not be the prettiest, they're definitely really useful.

Curated route maps

Capra users need to be able to trust the information. All Capra route maps are redrawn from supplied information to ensure trails are as accurate as possible. If things change they can be updated within seconds.

Capra app users are not able to simply upload random maps into the platform. Our goal is to maintain an extremely high quality threshold of information that users trust.

Our website maps link directly to the app version via QR code and when viewed on mobile phones provide a link to the app automatically.

Know before you go

What can you expect out there? Easy to understand graphics provide a great overview of additional info that helps people prepare accordingly.

'All the good stuff'

Having a great day out is about more than a line on a map. It can be as simple as pinpointing parking, bathrooms, cafes and pubs.

People love Capra because all this info can link to external websites for more details and be bookmarked beforehand for planning ahead.

Modern tech

Tech continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Capra provides teams with an easy way to take advantage of recent advancements.

Offline capabilities

Since day one we've always described Capra as helping people explore with confidence and app users can head out knowing that our maps work superbly in areas without coverage.

App users can download maps before heading out for offline confidence. Even without downloading terrain and pin details are automatically cached for areas with poor connectivity.

Emergency Lat/Long

A staple function of great hiking apps, the ability to quickly grab coordinates and share the details with other people is a must have feature if recommending an app as part of mandatory gear or helping people explore your local area.

Great battery life

GPS tracking will always increase battery usage but modern apps manage battery life efficiently. Capra can be put into flight mode with cached maps enabling users to put the app away confident that when they need it later it's hasn't killed the phone.

Event coming up soon? No problem, we can get you up and running incredibly fast.

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