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  • Detailed maps with route specific info
  • Built to work offline in remote areas
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to share with friends and family where you're heading
  • Emergency Lat/Long
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Why our users love Capra

"I've just downloaded the Capra app. Seriously the best mapping I have seen - easy to see which station is spectators and drop bags, all the trails are named and zoomable. Had never heard of it until just now and it seems to be able to answer just about every trail question that has been in here"

– Stefan M, Facebook Group comment Feb 2023

"The features on this app are faultless - location pin points are super accurate, the information on the route is super helpful; especially being a beginner trail runner. I highly recommend this app."

– StephP - App Store Review

"Capra is the most efficient, effective and practical app for exploring new trails, staying safe and for designing your run training calendar (if you are a runner). It's full of detailed information (parking, elevation, mileage, difficulty etc). And it's easy to use. The flight mode options saves your phone batteries and literally saves your life when you are stuck in the woods with no connection. Capra is brilliant and everyone should have it installed on their devices."

– hismasj - App Store Review

"Capra gives you the ability to find great and beautiful runs in places you've never been before. An essential piece of kit for your next trip or to uncover hidden gems around you."

– Matt B - App Store Review

"A very intuitive and clean platform lends itself to easy navigation on the first use. A great depth of trail options, information and map functionality. Such a helpful tool.

– jamiek1 - App Store Review

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