Mobile maps that make it easy for team members to find where they need to be.

When your team members are out in the field, they need to be able to find their locations easily and safely, especially if in more remote areas. This is where Capra 'Ops Collection' come in handy.

For your eyes only

Ops Collections have privacy controls, they won't show up in the app library or search results for general app users. Your team is provided with specific Smartlinks and QR codes that enable only your team members to see the info, and save it to their Capra library.

Capra tools for managing event staff using our mobile maps

Ops Collections

Move beyond desktop focused planning tools with user-friendly mobile maps that can handle the different event responsibilities.

  • Race marshalls, aid stations, first aid responders.
  • Course marking instructions, best photographer spots.
  • Road closures, traffic control, changed traffic flow.
  • Timing points, cut off points, rest points.
  • Staff support facilities.

Remote positions? Easy

Even if the position is in more remote areas with no mobile reception, ops collections take advantage of Capra's offline capabilities caching the info for the app user so they can find their way with confidence.

Last minute changes? Easy

Need to relocate a position? It's easy to change info and when the screen is refreshed the new details will show.

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