The mobile app solution for endurance events

Capra provides race directors, event managers and community leaders a mobile-first platform for sharing really useful information that delights participants and embraces local communities.

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The challenge we address

Event teams have traditionally had to use at least five different information formats or apps to communicate instructions. Capra simplifies this process and delivers information to participants via a single, excellent mobile-first experience.

How Capra can help

Modern mobile excellence for your audience

Capra provides participants and event management teams with a powerful mobile-first platform which delivers value and utility before, during and after the event.

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Keep everyone in the loop

Capra's messaging tools help keep everyone in the loop and influence participant behaviour to minimise any negative impact on locals.

Drive awareness and engagement

Capra is not just for event weekend success. The platform provides multiple ways to get in front of relevant audiences in multiple locations.

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Drive community benefits

Capra helps maximise the benefits of an event taking place within the host community and provides way to minimise the negative impacts.

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An app that is free, fast and intuitive. 🚀

Capra is free for app users and simple to use. No more navigating subscription paywalls on activity tracking apps. Once installed it can be used easily for any event or community collection on the app. Check out this quick video overview of moving from the Library to a Collection to an individual race map, bookmarking info as we go.

If you want to see an event collection in action send us a message via the chat bubble and we will 'anchor' selected collections to your location.

App users see collections in their library that are 'anchored' to their device location at time of usage. Collections can be anchored to multiple places at once.

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