Marketing success

How we help maximise awareness of your event inside the app and provide tools to leverage your own marketing channels.

Raising awareness in the Capra app

How you can let Capra users know about your collection

Location targeting

Collections are automatically displayed in the app 'library' to app users within 125km of a specified location. Additional locations can be selected so that new audiences become aware of an upcoming events and can dig into for more detail.

Promo messages

Later in 2023 we'll provide the opportunity for events to add a promo message to the app in-box. This message can be triggered based on user location reinforcing other event marketing initiatives.

Raising awareness outside the app

Capra makes it easy to seamlessly link you existing assets to your Capra maps.

Your social media channels

Use Capra Smartlinks to take users from social media posts and stories directly into your Capra content. This takes participants and potential sign-ups deeper from inspirational stories to on the ground detail about what they can expect.

Capra's marketing channels

We'll be actively helping raise awareness of your Capra collection in our expanding marketing channels such as email and social media.

Your printed material & signage

Use our trail or collection specific QR codes in booklets and community signage.

Your website

Capra embeds feature our QR code that launches the specific map directly in the Capra app.

Use Capra map embeds to show the same information that is in the app on your website or simply use our QR codes on website pages to direct users straight to the app.

See more info about our website maps →

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